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Uniformed Technicians • Reliable Service  • All Chemicals • Algae Treatments

Chemical Service
$ 49.95 per month
Our Preferred Service Ensures Clean, Safe Water
Our Preferred Service is the most economical service that we offer and insures that your pool water will be safe, sanitary, and algae free so you can swim worry free. Our trained service technicians test and balance your pool, brush the pool steps and empty the skim basket every other week for the low monthly rate of only $49.95 per month. Yes, we provide all the chemicals! (chlorine tablets, shock treatments, pH balancers, conditioner and more).
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Chemical & Filter Service
$ 75.00 per month
Our Premium and Most Popular Service
Our Premium Service is the most popular service that we offer and includes everything described with our Chemical Service, along with routine filter cleaning and basket cleaning service. The cartridge filters will be cleaned every two months with reassembly and lubrication of filter o-ring. This service works great with an automatic pool cleaner. Your pool system and water balance will be properly maintained by our technician as your automatic pool cleaner keeps your pool clean of debris each time your filter runs. Your pool will be crystal clear, algae and debris free.

Salt Water Service

$ 71.95 per month
Our Premium Service for your Salt Water Pool
Our Salt Water Pool Service is similar to our Chemical and Filter Cleaning Service and is designed for pools with working salt water chlorinators. Our trained service technicians test and balance your pool water on a biweekly basis (this includes salt, conditioner, pH balancers and disinfecting chemicals when needed). The cartridge filters and salt cells will be cleaned every two months with reassembly and lubrication of all o-rings.
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Full Service
Starting at $ 125 per month
Our Full Service. Complete Care of Your Pool
Our Full Service includes full maintenance (Cleaning and Chemicals) on a weekly basis and starts at $125.00 per month (depending on the size and condition of the pool). We will skim, brush, vacuum (as needed) and empty all baskets to your swimming pool on a weekly basis. Cartridge filters will be cleaned as needed with reassembly and lubrication of filter o-ring.

Is it time to update your swimming pool? Renovating or remodeling your
pool and spa can return your small piece of paradise back to its original beauty or make
changes to create a new back yard oasis. If you have started to notice rough surfaces,
blemishes, stains or unsightly popping of your pool interior you shouldn't hesitate any
longer. Please give us a call and let our experience go to work for you. Pool renovating and
remodeling can be a tricky job and if not done correctly a costly one. Allow Pools "R" Us LLC
Renovations to put all your swimming pool concerns at ease and get the job done right the
first time .
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The most common cause of frustration during the construction process is not knowing what to
expect. We hope the information provided will help you understand the steps necessary to build an in ground swimming pool. After the final design has been approved by the client, a 2 dimensional scaled plan is created for engineering and made available to use for submittal to homeowners associations. Building permits are obtained from the engineered plan. Working from the scaled plan, the finished grade is established and the outline of the pool and location of the steps and benches are marked and spray painted on the ground. The superintendent will check the layout for accuracy. The homeowner will see the placement of the pool on the property and minor adjustments can be made without too much difficulty. Pools "R" Us utilizes specialized crews for each phase of the construction process, the first being the excavators. The equipment is brought in, the pool and trenches for plumbing are dug, mounds are formed in the location of steps and the excess dirt is hauled off by dump trucks. Occasionally problem soil is encountered, such as solid rock or caliche,which requires special equipment to remove. This is referred to as a “hard dig” and additional charges may result. The homeowner is notified if a hard dig is necessary. PVC pipe and conduit are installed and connected to the new pool equipment which is placed on a concrete pad by the plumbing crew. The entire system is pressurized and checked for leaks and repairs are made if necessary. Reinforced steel or “rebar” is placed in a grid like pattern with tie wires according to the detailed structural calculations throughout the pool and on top of the steps by the steel crew.
Electricians will install niches and electrical conduit for the underwater lighting. They are also
responsible for bonding all metal within 5’ of the water’s edge by connecting a copper wire. This is similar to grounding. At this point, pre-gunite inspections are scheduled and upon approval, the pool is ready for the shotcrete crew to be scheduled. Gunite or shotcrete is pneumatically sprayed filling all of the voids to form the shell of the pool, then troweled to a smooth finish. This process is completed in a single day. The following day, the homeowner must spray the shotcrete thoroughly with water 2-3 times per day for 1 week. This ensures the concrete will cure properly and reach full strength integrity. It is normal for water to collect at the bottom of the pool while curing. The tile crew begins by applying tile to the waterline and possibly steps, seats or raised walls depending on the plan. Then they install the coping around the rim of the pool providing a finished edge that prevents water from getting behind the pool shell. The area surrounding the pool is cleaned and prepared by the deck crew. Forms are placed around the edges according to the plan. Concrete is poured and troweled to drain water away from the pool coping and into deck drains. The wet cement must not be walked on for at least 24 hours and children and pets should be kept clear of the area for at least 36 hours. The concrete is allowed to cure for approximately 1 week before the spray deck material is applied. Clean up around the pool and yard are completed. Codes have been enacted to prevent children unsupervised access to the pool area. These safety barriers are required which is the homeowner’s responsibility, although Pools "R" Us can assist in bringing the residence to compliance. Once safety barriers are in place, the pre-plaster inspection is scheduled. Someone must be available for the inspector to check the safety barriers inside the home. Upon approval, the interior finish (plaster, quartz or pebble) is scheduled. The plaster crew applies a 1/2 “ thick layer of finish material that adheres to the shotcrete surface and trowels it smooth. Immediately following plaster, water begins filling the pool. The pool can take 24-48 hours to fill and the water is not to be turned off (or moved to the spa) until it reaches halfway up the waterline tile. Once the pool is full, a superintendent will start up the equipment. A final inspection (if required) is scheduled and the
homeowner must contact Southwest Gas to connect to the meter. This does not cost extra but only the homeowner can make the request. A walk through of the property and an orientation of the equipment are performed with the homeowner and a superintendent and then you’re ready to start enjoying your new pool!!