Leaving Las Vegas? Not a chance!

Greg Tribble, Owner/Operator

It’s our home too. We grew up here, and watched as the city sprawled out over the desert. We’ve seen the ups and downs, the good, the bad, and yes at times the ugly. But one thing that never changed was the resilience of the locals who call Vegas home. You’ve got to have stamina and nerve to make it here in the desert.
As a toddler, moving to this city didn’t impact me much. But now, as I see my own children developing into little people, I realize that Vegas was the right place all along. There were some tough years here as a teenager in a town with too much nightlife and not enough baseball. And then there were better years, following in my mom’s footsteps as an entrepreneur.
Remember the quote, “If you build it they will come,” from the movie Field of Dreams? That was always true about this place. From off-Strip gambling parlors to skyscraper casinos, and Good Springs mining to ski lifts and weddings up on Mount Charleston – people just liked the fun – and taking a chance on a different kind of life.
Then the bottom fell out of the real estate market in 2008-2009, and businesses closed, employees were forced to cut their hours, visitors vacationed closer to home, and foreclosures dotted every street in town.

And yet, here we are at the end of 2017. As our eyes sweep over the once sparsely populated valley, at all the new homes and businesses built since then, it’s fairly obvious that hope springs eternal in Las Vegas! So, why would you leave?

Chuck Steneck

Construction Field Manager

I grew up in the pool building industry in California, and followed my Dad to Vegas in 2002 after high school. Starting with masonry walls and pavers, I gravitated toward pool construction and restoration after the real estate market crashed here in 2008-2009. It suddenly became about protecting owner’s big investments (like pools) because nobody had money for luxuries. Joining Greg was just the right match and we’ve worked together since 2007.

Clay Wells

Head of Sales design

He is specialist from North Carolina and has lived in Vegas for the last 12 plus years. He has been working with me for the last 8 years starting in the service side, moved to sale and has been bringing the American dream of pool ownership to many people around the valley.

Ben Dwy

salemans / Designer

Ben has been working for me since last year. He is from New York and is like family also Godfather to my Kids. He has been in customer service for high roller for last 15 years and has switch to leaving his mark on this earth with every pool design that has come to reality.

Customer Support and Commitment to Excellence!